Globex Recruitment Will take your Business to the Next Level

As a professional and efficient recruitment agency, there’s a difference, Globex is able to provide clients with the best possible employees.

our Services

At Globlex Recruitment, we ensure that you find the best candidate to suit your business with all the necessary background checks done as required. We not only look at your business qualification requirements, we also check if he will fit into your business culture.


We handle the process for you, as seamless and hassle-free as possible.


Head Hunting

Also known as Executive Search; to locate individuals with specialist experience.

Reference Checks

We phone the listed references on the candidate’s CV.

ITC & Criminal Checks

ITC checks are done with the three major ITC institutes as well as the criminal checks which are done by an (FCRA) accredited company.

id verification

This can be done with fingerprint verification against an Id for a company that requires this service.

Qualification Checks

This is done through a professional company that does qualification checks for matric and tertiary.

Let us help you find Your Career

Globex Recruitment will help you find a career and find the best candidate for your vacant position.